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Jonathan Johansson

Jonathan Johansson is a freeride skier hailing from Berghem, Sweden, and has been our True Friend since 2018.

After eight winters in the Alps and two years as a student in Östersund, Jonathan has recently embarked on a career with the rescue services in Gothenburg. This arrangement allows him to quench his skiing thirst by visiting various locations and making the most of his time away. No more down days due to mediocre weather; in his new world, 10 centimeters of fresh snow is considered a pow day! This is the guy who is genuinely passionate about skiing.

Skiing has been a central part of Jonathan's life since he graduated. Every summer was dedicated to working and saving money to maximize the number of ski days during winter. Jonathan also credits skiing for introducing him to his girlfriend and a significant portion of the friends he associates with today. 

"For me, skiing has always been strongly associated with freedom and playfulness. It shines brightest when you're out there riding with a great crew, and the entire mountain transforms into a natural playground. Have I really turned 30? I refuse to admit it to myself with skis on my feet."

According to Jonathan, the absolute best thing about skiing is the variety. Skiing never gets boring because it offers so many different ways to have fun. Even though nothing compares to that perfect powder day – sub-zero temperatures, sun, and bottomless powder, skiing can be almost as fantastic when carving down a freshly groomed slope, going on a ski tour, or doing laps in the park.

"There's always a way to have fun on a pair of skis!" 

Jonathan's best True Experience was an expedition in Kyrgyzstan, where they lived in tents far from civilization without mobile coverage for seventeen days. During the expedition, the group climbed mountains and skied on completely unexplored terrain.

"It was a wonderful experience where I got to witness the power of mountains and nature."

Currently, Jonathan is busy finalizing the logistics for his 2024 ski trips. Two long weekends to Idre, a trip to the Alps, and a ski touring adventure to Norway are the minimum plans before it's time to launch the boat and trade ski gear for sailing gear.

However, the dream is to go on a ski & sail trip where Jonathan and his girlfriend Clara sail their own boat from Gothenburg north to the Norwegian fjords, spending their days ski touring.

"Imagine getting into the dinghy in the morning, puttering to the shore, putting on the climbing skins on the beach, and then touring up an untouched slope where you can ski undisturbed all day before being lulled to sleep on the boat. Magic!"

Jonathan's top 3 achievements:

1st place in the Freeride World Qualifier in Lebanon.

2nd place in the Freeride World Tour Qualifier 2019.

8th place in the Nordic Freeride Championships.