Jonathan Johansson

Jonathan Johansson is a 26 year old freeride skier from Berghem, Sweden, and has been our True Friends since 2018. He spends his winters in the alps competing in the Freeride world qualifier with his goal set on a spot among the world’s top skiers in the Freeride world tour.
2019 he won the Freeride world qualifier contest in Libanon, and in 2019 he ended up 2nd. Among his merits he also has a 8th place at the Nordic Championships 2016.

Jonathan is a skier that keeps testing his limits, both when it comes to dropping from the highest cliffs during competition, rappelling down from mountains searching for the best line or climb never before climbed peaks in Kirgizistan to ski down in the untouched terrain. He never says no to an adventure, which makes us sure that the products gets tested in the most extreme conditions.

A day with jonathan johansson

freeride world qualifyer

Jonathan in engelberg


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