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Prepare yourself for the upcoming golf season – the pro tells you how!

It might not feel like it right now but the golf season actually isn’t that far away. And it most definitely isn’t too early to start preparing for the first round of the year.

Someone who knows all about preparations is the pro player Benjamin Hjort, who also happens to be a Pelle P True Friend! Read on to get his best tips on how to prepare for the golf season!

1. Warm up properly!

Now, in the beginning of the season, when the weather is usually a bit colder and rain and wind is a factor, I strongly want to encourage everyone to warm up properly before starting to play. Don’t let it take 2-3 holes before your swing and body has had the time to catch up. A good warm up, according to me, could be something like: around 5 min of light cardio to elevate the heartrate, for example a jog or jumping jacks, followed by 5 minutes of swing practice without a golf ball. You can even swing two clubs at once to really jumps start the system.

2. Treat yourself to a lesson with a trainer!

Most of us have had a break over the winter and the clubs have been collecting dust. So it is the perfect opportunity to take an hour or morning with a trainer at your club to quickly find your way back into the groove.

3. Invest in a good base layer!

Thermal underwear is worth its weight in gold early on in the season. They are underestimated garments that I use A LOT during the Spring and Fall. It’s also simplifies adjusting the outer layers while ensuring that you keep warm and dry closest to the body. Personally, I really love Pelle P’s Norte tights och top.

4. Work with your sense of depth/length in your puts!

Put a peg 90 cm past the hole on the practice green. Make sure to put all balls in the hole or past it, without coming up short or putting past the peg. Test if you can make a put from 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m in a row.

Some of my favorite garments amongst the PElle P golf clothes are:

They are the perfect foul weather gear that keeps me dry in all conditions. They are also made in a fantastic material that allows for maximum freedom of movement, even when wearing multiple layers. 

A clean and stylish pair of pants that breathe and are very stretchy. They are also a true life hack: I don’t have to change into a different pair of pants if I am heading directly to a meeting or a dinner after a session on the course. 

An awesome tee made in an airy and comfortable material! I like wearing it under a sweater or foulies during a rainy day or during a gym session!

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