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The Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club - GKSS

GKSS stands as one of the largest sports associations in Sweden, boasting approximately 3200 members. Established in 1860, it holds the distinction of being one of the country's oldest sports organizations. GKSS provides a diverse range of sailing activities, encompassing courses tailored for beginners and elite training programs.

The club actively engages 800 children and teenagers in its sailing schools and training sessions annually. GKSS has a rich tradition of representing Sweden in the Olympic Games, securing a total of 19 medals. Additionally, the club has garnered an impressive count of no less than 300 medals in various World- and European championships.

In 2022, PelleP initiated a collaboration with GKSS, offering suitable and functional foul weather gear along with technical clothing for coaches, elite sailors, dingy teams, marina staff, officials, and sailing school instructors.

"We are delighted to collaborate with PelleP. Pelle himself represented GKSS for many years in different classes, participating in both the Olympic Games and the America's Cup. The company and its staff demonstrate a high level of professionalism in understanding our needs and crafting precisely tailored products for us," expressed Thomas Rahm, managing director of GKSS.

"The products, gear, and clothing from PelleP align seamlessly with GKSS's activities, proving beneficial both at sea and ashore," remarked Mattias Rahm, an Olympian, America's Cup participant, and project manager for the GKSS Match Cup. 

Key facts about GKSS:

  • Founded in 1860

  • 3200 members
  • Clubhouses located at Långedrag, Marstrand, and Sillfarsholmen (Aeolusön)
  • 300 medals in World and European Championships
  • Marina at Långedrag with 520 moorings 

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