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The TF35 Trophy is the annual racing circuit on Lake Geneva, Switzerland, for the high-performance hydro foiling TF35 one-design catamaran.

Developed by America's Cup designers to bring high-performance foiling sailing to a wider group of sailors. The TF35 allows this by passing over continuous trimming of the foils to an automatic system that ensures that a chosen ride height is maintained with the split-second speed and precision of which a human would be incapable. This results in more efficient foiling - ensures maximum speed is maintained, less wind required to get airborne, plus foiling upwind and airborne tacks. It also allows the crew to focus on more familiar aspects of yacht racing - helming, trimming, tactics and manoeuvres.

Pelle P has been a proud partner since its launch in 2021. As a part of the collaboration, Pelle P is exclusively permitted to manufacture TF35 merchandise for all customers and fans.

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