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Varukorgen är tom


Set-ups for all conceivable conditions  with madeleine


It has undoubtedly been an exceptionally good start to the ski season in Scandinavia and the Alps. Ski enthusiasts have been enjoying powder turns since November. However, the ski season has truly just begun, and there are many, many months ahead to revel in the snow and skiing, offering a guaranteed mix of mountain weather and conditions.

Our ski-loving friends Jonathan and Madeleine have kicked off their seasons in different locations with different conditions and types of skiing. They have one thing in common, though; they have both ensured to be properly dressed to enjoy every moment. In this article, you will follow Madeleine's best tips on layering up for varying weather and skiing conditions.

Madeleine has started her season in Idre, Hemavan, and Kittelfjäll. Three trips with three completely different types of conditions and skiing. 

Closest to the body

"Regardless of the day's agenda and weather forecast, it's important to have good material close to the body. Merino wool is my favorite because it keeps you warm and dry all day. Additionally, it has a natural antibacterial effect that fights odor much better than other non-natural materials."

Base layer:

Norte Top   WOMEN'S | MENS'S

Norte Tights   WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Favorites for sunny and chilly days on the slopes

"I kickstarted my season in Idre at the end of November during a weekend of downhill and cross-country skiing. The weather was wonderful, with around -10°C and brilliant sunshine. In the afternoons and evenings, when the sun had set, it was necessary to put on a warmer layer over the ears and neck before heading out to the cross-country track for an evening ski."

Ski wear:
Flow Ski Jacket  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Flow Ski Pants  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

For the coffee break in the sun:

Arolla Hood Jacket  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Vex Knitted Hat

Accessory for the evening cross-country session:

Plannard Headband

The ultimate set-up for snowy ski touring days

"During New Year's week in Hemavan, I finally had the long-awaited ski touring premiere. On Jofjället, about 10 minutes south of Hemavan, there is plenty of untouched snow in the forest and steep sections between the trees that almost resemble Japan. You risk getting really sweaty when trudging uphill in deep snow and quickly getting cold when standing at the top in -15°C, removing the climbing skins. It's crucial to have flexible layering with good ventilation so you can easily adjust your body temperature. For the coffee break, it's nice to have extra insulation on both legs and upper body, preferably garments allowing for not having to take off your boots and shell layers."

Mid layer:

Levo Rib Hoodie  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

The shell:

d'Arbi Jacket  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

d'Arbi Trousers  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

On your head uphill:

Tiller Knitted Hat 

In the backpack & for the coffee break at the top:

Arolla Hood Jacket  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Levo Quilted Pants

Don't get blown away during the breezy day on the slopes

"There was only one day of slope skiing in Hemavan, and it was windy! 40kts at the top station. It's incredible that they managed to keep the chairlift open. I was glad, at least, to be able to pull up the collar on my jacket and cover my entire face when sitting in the lift in that wind.

You get much colder quickly when skiing on groomed slopes and going up the lift compared to lift-assisted off-piste or ski touring. The runs skiing down groomers are faster with higher wind speed, and you easily get cold sitting still on the lift. In such conditions, it's nice to have slightly warmer insulation. Layering provides excellent warmth that protects against both the brisk wind in the lift and fast downhill skiing." 

Mid layer:

Plannard Zip  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Levo 3/4 Tights  WOMEN'S


W Arolla Hood Jacket  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

The shell:

d'Arbi Jacket  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

d'Arbi Trousers  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Best tips for frigid cross-country laps


"The temperature dropped day by day. On New Year's Day, I took a chilly lap on the cross-country track with around -20°C. In those temperatures, it's easy to get cold ears and face while skiing, while the body sweats. I think it's important to keep the head, neck, hands, and feet warm. Pull up the buff to cover both ears and neck, and put on a beanie on top of that. For those with frozen hands, wear pair of liners inside your cross-country gloves. The rest of the body temperature can be regulated with layering and zippers that can be pulled up and down."

Mid layer:

Plannard Zip  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Cross-country shell:

Plannard Flex Jacket  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Plannard Flex Pants  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

On your head:

Tiller Knitted Hat

The recipe that withstands -35°C


"Then we had 3 days with extremely cold temperatures. As soon as you stepped outside, your eyelashes froze! It was so cold that skiing was actually impossible; instead, we took short walks and went sledding to enjoy the clear, icy weather. Wool, down, double socks, and lots of layers were the recipe to keep warm at -35°C!"

Mid layer:

Loft Sweater  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Levo 3/4 tights  WOMEN'S

Belay layer:

Richemont Jacket  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Weather protection on the lower body:

d'Arbi Trousers  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Temperature-regulating layering for lift-assisted off-piste


"When I continued to Kittelfjäll, the worst cold had let go of its grip, and I could finish with a couple of fantastic lift-assisted off-piste days. In the small village of Kittelfjäll, there are two anchor lifts and endless off-piste skiing. On good days, you can just keep going; there's no end! So, I can promise you'll get tired legs and quite sweaty. For this kind of skiing, I find it comfortable with layers that both transport moisture and regulate body temperature, allowing you to cover your face if it's windy in the lift."

Mid layer:

Levo Quilted Zip  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Levo 3/4 tights  WOMEN'S

The shell:

d'Arbi Trousers   WOMEN'S | MEN'S

d'Arbi Jacket  WOMEN'S | MEN'S

Jonathan's tips

Jonathan took the first turns of the season in Åre during the New Year's week, experiencing the classic 'Åre conditions,' followed by a couple of exhilarating, frigid days in Idre. Read more about Jonathan's start of the season and get his tips for the best set-ups.

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