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Varukorgen är tom

The Pathway to the World Top and PGA

Failure is impossible! Golf professional and our True Friend Benjamin Hjort tells his story.

Benjamin is determined to reach his highest potential as a golfer. It's his goal, and he strategically, persistently, and step by step works towards achieving it. His next target is to perform well enough in competitions to progress to one of the world's major tours: the PGA Tour or the European Tour.

Benjamin's destiny as a golf professional seemed to be written in the stars, or perhaps on the baptismal font, as he received his first golf club as a baptism gift! Raised in a golfing family in Dalarna, he's been playing golf since he could walk and hold a club. By the age of 10, he had set his sights on becoming a new Tiger Woods. True to his word, Benjamin started competing outside his own club and hometown in Dalarna. His first step during that period was joining the junior national team and eventually securing a place at one of Sweden's national sports high schools specializing in golf. A couple of years later, he could proudly check off the first milestones on the list. With 5 years in the junior national team, 3 years in the golf bag at the Swedish Golf Federation's National Sports High School in Helsingborg, and 4 years in the USA at Nova Southeastern University, where he represented the university in college competitions – he returned to Sweden ready to enter the world of professional golf.

Fast forward to 2024:

Achieving the pinnacle of success in golf demands hard work, the right mindset, and attitude... along with a hefty dose of determination and drive. Benjamin firmly believes that by combining these elements, failure becomes an impossibility.

Benjamin's intense dedication and passion for golf are undeniable. He loves to practice, which he does 6-10 hours a day, nearly every day of the year. Technical training in putting and short game is interspersed with mental and physical training. Benjamin's consistency is his personal strategy, one that he believes will lead him to victory in the long run. His motivation stems from his desire to unlock his full potential as a golfer.

"One of my biggest fears is looking back on my journey and realizing I didn't give it my all to become the best I could possibly be! That fear, in turn, drives me to give my absolute best," he remarks.

However, strength lies in numbers. Benjamin acknowledges the invaluable support he receives from his exceptional team: his swing coaches, putting coach, mental coach, and physical trainer, all of whom have made it possible for Benjamin to turn a hobby into work. Together, they have set long-term goals to reach the top of the world, alongside daily interim objectives that Benjamin diligently pursues. He’s also grateful for his sponsors, including Pelle P, who play a crucial role in enabling his efforts, as well as the unwavering support from his girlfriend.

"Her support is an extremely important factor in succeeding with my golf endeavor."

Benjamin is aiming high. His ultimate goal is to compete on the PGA Tour in the USA and establish himself as one of the world's premier golfers. This journey entails consistent performance and gradual recognition in golf tournaments across Sweden, the Nordics, Europe, Asia, the USA, and beyond.... and surely, he has come a long way towards becoming the next Tiger Woods... or a new name in the realm of golf – Benjamin Hjort.

For all those aspiring to turn their passion for golf into a profession, Benjamin concludes with these words: " Have fun! If the joy of golf is there, all the time spent on training, traveling, and everything else becomes so much easier and more enjoyable! Dare to dream big!"

Benjamin's top tips for the start of the season:


Golf tips:

Focus on mastering the fundamentals of golf: grip, stance, balance, ball position and aim. These fundamentals are five good things to work on early in the year. If you can get the basics of the game down early in the season, you will accelerate your progress towards better play and lower scores.

Clothing Tips:

At the onset of the season, weather on the course can be unpredictable. Invest in reliable foul weather gear; jacket and trousers. While we hope for sunny skies, it's always good to stow lightweight waterproof clothing in the golf bag. The Rapid Jacket and Trousers are functional and convenient foul weather gear that I highly recommend.