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Our Work on Sustainability 

Since the founding of Pelle P, environmental concerns have been of significant importance to the company, and caring for it is an integral part of our work. Pelle Petterson has been actively involved in outdoor sports such as sailing, skiing, and golf for almost his entire life. It is from his mindset that the Pelle P brand has emerged. However, our passion for sailing, skiing, and golf also comes with an important realization: that everything we do affects the environment we all love to be in. We want to be transparent about how far we have come and what we still have to do. Pelle P should be visible, but we strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

Our Design Philosophy


In crafting all our products, we adhere to three core principles: quality, functionality and design. These principles are woven into every seam, cut, and detail of our products.



Sustainability Initiatives in Material Selection 

At Pelle P, it's not just about producing clothes that meet your expectations and that you'll love for a long time. It's also about developing materials that are durable while minimizing their environmental footprint as much as possible. The technology for recycling fabrics is constantly evolving, with promising potential. Each season, the proportion of recycled materials in our collections increases, and with the help of innovative partners, we're making constant progress towards a more sustainable future.


Sustainable development

From the beginning of Pelle P the environment has always been a concern for the company, and caring for it is an important philosophy for our brand. Pelle Petterson himself knows the importance of caring for nature and the environment, having lived almost all his life participating in sports such as sailing, downhill skiing and golf. It is from this mindset Pelle P originated.


Ocean Crusaders

Because nature, and the ocean in particular, is such a big part of the Pelle P brand we have been working with the organization Ocean Crusaders since the Fall of 2019 – a partnership we are immensely proud of. There are over 5.25 billion pieces of plastic in our oceans, it is a growing problem and an escalating threat to marine life. Ocean Crusaders as an organization works to create positive change, protect and preserve the wildlife in and around our oceans and prevent littering with education and creating awareness, but also through concrete action – like cleaning oceans and coast lines.