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Our Design Philosophy 

In crafting all our products, we adhere to three core principles: quality, functionality and design. These principles are woven into every seam, cut, and detail of our products.


Quality, to us, signifies professionalism. We have a team of skilled, thoughtful, and meticulous product developers who, in collaboration with athletes and selected test pilots, ensure that all our products are designed to last. Additionally, we maintain a selective partner strategy, forging long-term relationships with reliable and renowned manufacturers.



Functionality to us means engineering technical garments in purpose-adapted materials with excellent fit and mobility. Each product is designed with intent and tailored to its specific environment and challenges. Therefore, they should be suitable for their environment and the challenges the garment faces. This means that each product should contain functional and practical details that facilitate its use for its specific purpose. Finally, many of our products are characterized by versatility; seamlessly adapting to diverse contexts and seasons, rooted in an active lifestyle consisting of sailing, skiing, and golf.



Design, to us, is synonymous with impeccable fit where we place great attention to details and proportions. We say that exceptions confirm the rules. Everything we produce should balance endurance while allowing our products to flirt with contemporary appeal. Our design ethos champions longevity, sustainability, and contemporaneity.

Above all, our guiding principles emphasize receptivity to feedback across all facets of our work, enabling us to create the most suitable functionality for its purpose, with the best possible design and highest quality. 

Sustainable, Long-Term Design

To reduce our climate impact, we need to ensure that the products we produce have a longer lifespan. Studies show that, on average, a garment is only worn 7 times before being discarded (according to reports from the European Environment Agency). With this in mind, we design our clothing with a focus on longevity, both in terms of materials chosen and the fit, so that you'll want to wear your garment for as long, often, and frequently as possible.

We have also put together a guide with advice on how to extend the lifespan of your garments even further. Read it here.

Produktens checklista för att uppfylla våra hållbarhetskrav

1. Design for Long-Term Use

  • Every product from Pelle P should embody well-crafted design and excellent fit, resulting in long-term use. While we don't strictly label our garments as timeless, they are allowed to flirt with contemporary trends to some extent in terms of color and material. However, our goal is to create products that you'll want to use over and over again. 

2. Choice of Materials

  • Does the material meet the intended purpose of the product? Does it possess the properties, durability, and resilience required for the specific purpose of the product? The answer must unequivocally be "yes" to both of these questions before we commence production.
  • We strive to use materials that are as pure as possible, minimizing compositions and types of fibers.
  • To the greatest extent possible, we utilize recycled materials, such as polyester from recycled PET bottles. Learn more about our materials and certifications here.

3. Who Can Produce

  • Which supplier can produce the product to meet our standards and requirements?
  • We maintain close and long-term relationships with our suppliers to ensure quality and reliable, close collaborations.

4. Testing Process

  • We conduct tests on all materials to ensure they meet our standards.
  • Quality tests are carried out throughout the development phase from concept to finished garment.
  • Our True Friends and True Teams are essential in product development, testing garments in their natural environments and providing valuable feedback.

5. Extended Lifespan

Already during the development phase of a garment, we consider how we can extend the product's lifespan once it reaches the store, or all the way to you. We:

  • Inform you on how to best care for your garment to ensure it lasts as long as possible. All products have a label with a QR code that you can scan with your mobile device. It will take you to our guide "How to Make Your Garments Last Longer". Read the guide here. Our store staff is also happy to provide advice on caring for your Pelle P garments. When you place an order online at, you'll also receive a note with the same QR code so you can easily access our guide. 
  • Package

    It's not only the choice of materials in our garments that is important, but also the materials for packaging and labels. An ongoing process is to eliminate plastic and make better choices in packaging, where we prefer to use recycled materials or unbleached paper. Another example is the reusable bags provided to customers instead of plastic bags in-store. The bag you receive your Pelle P product in continues to be useful after purchase as you can use it as a handy fabric tote for the gym or grocery shopping, for instance. The bags that come with our web orders are made from 50% recycled plastic and 50% industrial waste. 

All products will be used

In the rare event that there is an issue with your Pelle P product and you need to make a claim, we always prioritize attempting to repair the item. If repair is not possible, the product will be donated to those in need or recycled, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

For products that haven't been sold to consumers for any reason, we ensure they find purpose by donating them to sports clubs, sailing clubs, and charitable organizations such as Slättmissionens hjälpande hand. This way, no products are disposed of or wasted. We are dedicated to ensuring that every garment we produce serves a meaningful purpose.