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Sustainability Initiatives in Material Selection


At Pelle P, it's not just about producing clothes that meet your expectations and that you'll love for a long time. It's also about developing materials that are durable while minimizing their environmental footprint as much as possible. The technology for recycling fabrics is constantly evolving, with promising potential. Each season, the proportion of recycled materials in our collections increases, and with the help of innovative partners, we're making constant progress towards a more sustainable future.

Our product developers regularly visit suppliers and manufacturers. Strong relationships ensure high quality and good working conditions, which are crucial components for sustainable production in the long run. 



Is an independent, non-profit organisation, working for human rights, social and environmental requirements for every step in the production process: 

  1. Field: only allowing fibers that are certified according to the standards of the IFOAM family and that have gone through mandatory checks such as GMO and pesticide residue testing. 
  2. First processing: requires clear separation of organic and conventional fibers in storage to prevent contamination. 
  3. Spinning: Spinners must buy GOTS certified materials, track purchases, manage waist, reconcile volumes and document transportation properly 
  4. Weaving and knitting: only GOTS certified yarns are processed.  
  5. Wet processing: only non-toxic chemicals are used. GOTS requires all facilities to have efficient waste water treatment plants. 
  6. Manufacturing: The product is cut, made, trimmed by highly skilled craftsmen and women. All treated faily through the strict GOTS requirements. 
  7. Trading: With the unique GOTS identification number on the label you can trace your products back to the supplier.


We strive to incorporate more recycled fibers into our collections to reduce our carbon footprint. By repurposing existing materials, we can conserve energy and minimize emissions in the manufacturing process while also reducing plastic waste.

The recycled polyester we employ originates from discarded PET bottles. These bottles undergo a meticulous process to transform them into new yarn suitable for our materials. Our material is certified and audited by third parties, adhering to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Recycled polyester is known for its strength, durability, and excellent wrinkle resistance.

We integrate recycled polyester into fabrics such as those found in our Loft series or the padding in Arolla, where the fibers are derived from recycled PET bottles. 


You can find the Sorona® Aura padding in Arolla Aero and Crew Jacket for example. Sorona® Aura insulation provides long-lasting shape and warmth for any climate, from jackets and pants to gloves and hats. It’s breathable and retains warmth with less filling and weight, creating a more comfortable garment. It’s partially plant based which reduces its impact on the environment and certified by the Sorona® Common Thread Fabric Certification Program to ensure the origin and the high-performance standards of this innovative, sustainably sourced insulation. It maintains its loft wash after wash, so you can look good and stay warm day after day.


Within our 1200/1300 series, carefully curated with select materials for the most challenging conditions, we've opted to integrate a reinforcement fabric. This fabric is specifically designed to prolong the life of these garments, ensuring they accompany you for an extended period. XYRPLEXTM reinforcement fabric is resistant to wear and tear. The 4-way stretch enhances performance and increases comfort. Its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio ensures that the garments are lightweight yet durable.


If you've ever noticed water droplets beading up on your Pelle P jacket, it's likely due to a protective water-resistant coating applied to the fabric. This is known as DWR treatment (durable water resistance), which shields the fabric from moisture and dirt. We utilize PFC-free DWR treatment, meaning no fluorocarbons are used in the treatment process. You can easily identify whether a garment has been treated with PFC-free DWR treatment by checking the hangtags on our products.