We accept card payment, direct payment, invoice payment and payment in instalments. When you apply for invoice payment or payment in instalments, we will use your personal identity number to check your credit status and your postal address. The credit information will not be registered in any public register and it will not be visible to any other companies or persons. 

4.1 Card payment

When you choose this method of payment, your debit card will be debited immediately at checkout on the Website. The payment is registered immediately and the amount will be reserved on your bank account and no additional fees will be added. Our card transactions are managed by our payment partner Payer Financial Services AB (Payer) to ensure swift and safe payment. Payer complies with PCI DSS Level 1 and is approved by VISA and MasterCard as a provider of online card transactions. For increased security Payer uses 3-D Secure, which is a global safety standard for online card payments developed by VISA and MasterCard. The information is encrypted using SSL-Secure Socket Layer 128-bit encryption and is made in Payer’s payment window, where no information is visible to the web shop. We do not store your card information. If you would like to know more about the security for card payments, please visit and read more on http://payer.se/.


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