The America's Cup Challenge


In August 2014, Artemis Racing officially announced its challenge to win the 35th America's Cup and bring the world's oldest sports trophy to Sweden. It’s the second challenge by Artemis, and this time they start with conditions that are completely different. They’re going to develop the already very strong team spirit and competition culture that took shape from the experience of the last race. Artemis Racing is an international team, made up of the world's most successful and respected sailors and designers. The core of the team consists of key people from the first challenge to which new talents have been added, not least the Olympic gold-medalists Fredrik Lööf and Max Salminen from Sweden. Fredrik is a long-standing friend and competitor of the Artemis team manager, Iain Percy. Among the other names we find legends such as America's Cup veteran Rod Davis, the French national hero Loick Peyron and the super-talented Nathan Outteridge.

Pelle P and Artemis Racing started cooperating back in 2010. Pelle P was asked if they could supply the team's wardrobe, including clothes for competition and leisure. At that time, both the new competition format and the boat design were unknown factors, but everything pointed toward something completely different and out of the ordinary.

Pelle P saw a great opportunity to test and develop their technical garments in close cooperation with the world's best, most demanding and discerning athletes and sports competitors. In addition, this cooperation would have a natural connection to the brand's unique heritage in sailing, technology and design. America's Cup has had a special place in the family company since Pelle Petterson was behind Sweden's first challenge for the cup, which took place among the classic twelves in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1976. Pelle took his whole family to the United States and was involved in two challenges there, both as designer of the boats and as helmsman.

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