Wille Lindberg

Pelle P has launched a three-year partnership with one of the world's best freerider - Wille Lindberg. This year, Wille will combine sailing and ski projects with filming, something that suits Pelle P future visions well.

Name: Wille Lindberg
Born: 19th of december 1984
Hometown: Väröbacka 

Some of Wille's achievements: 
- 1:st place NM (Nordiska mästerskapet i extremskidåkning) 2006, 2010 & 2012
- 2:nd place Freeride World tour Fiberbrunn 2013 & 2015 
- 3:rd place Freeride World tour Chamonix 2013

Verbier photoshoot

wille the model


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