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The Swedish Sailing Federation & SWE Sailing Team


The Swedish Sailing Federation is one of the most successful sports federations in the Summer Olympics, with a total of 37 Olympic medals over the years – two of which were earned by none other than Pelle Petterson himself. This impressive track record owes much to the dedication of the federation's 100 000 members across 300 associations and over 60 class associations, spanning from Skåne in the south to Norrbotten in the north. Like Pelle himself, all those involved in the federation share a deep passion for and devotion to the sport of sailing.

As the official clothing sponsor of the Swedish Sailing Federation, Pelle P outfits SSF's various operations – including its office, board, committees, national teams, and development squads, along with their coaches – with sailing attire and casual wear. In collaboration with SSF, Pelle P has also developed a collection tailored specifically for the federation and its key demographics.

“It feels incredibly natural and fitting for us to partner with Pelle P, a Swedish sports brand known for its high quality and strong alignment with the core values of sailing – innovation, development, passion, achievement, connection to nature, and memorable experiences," says Marie Björling Duell, the CEO and sports director of the Swedish Sailing Federation. She adds;

"In celebration of Pelle's 90th birthday, we established an honorary prize in his name, reflecting the shared values between our organization and Pelle P, which we award annually. Our collaboration with Pelle P holds significant importance, not only for our national teams and competitive sailors, but also for our entire membership base, as Pelle P's product range complements our wide-ranging activities and initiatives.”

The Swedish Sailing Federation's overarching vision is to make sailing accessible to everyone, and together they strive to broaden the horizons for those interested in experiencing this exhilarating sport. Their aim is to create more entry points and reduce barriers so that more individuals can embark on their sailing journey. 

The Swedish national team, SWE Sailing Team, are important role models within the sport – having won medals at every Olympics except one since 1996, accumulating a total of 8 medals across 7 Olympic Games. Meanwhile, the Swedish Development Team acts as a crucial bridge between National Sports Schools and clubs affiliated with the federation, nurturing talent towards the national team while inspiring sustainable training and development to cultivate future medal contenders. The national team sailors are important for Pelle P, as they contribute to product development and provide invaluable feedback on our products.

"Both we and our national team sailors take great pride in wearing Pelle P's brand whether we are sailing on our home waters or on the world's oceans," says communications manager Marit Söderström.

With the federation's mission to develop sailors (and leaders) throughout their lives, there are no limitations as to who or when someone can start their sailing journey. Just as Pelle himself embodies a deep love for sailing and unwavering drive, the Swedish Sailing Federation continuously explores new avenues to spread the joy of sailing. Through its comprehensive educational programs catering to both leaders and sailors, para-sailing initiatives for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike, youth projects like U25, and opportunities for senior sailors, the Swedish Sailing Federation and its affiliated associations take strides every day towards their vision of making sailing accessible to all.

Would you like to try your hand at sailing or further your skills in the sport? Reach out to the Swedish Sailing Federation by phone at 08-459 09 90 or via email at

For more inspiration, follow the federation's social channels: @svenskaseglarforbundet and @swesailingteam on Facebook & Instagram. Additional information can be found on the Swedish Sailing Federation's website: 

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The Pelle P award:

The arawd is given to a person who’s a good ambassador and role model within Swedish sailing.

Photo: Daniel Stenholm