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Do you want to be a part of World of Pelle P?

Are you a person whose inner passion is ignited by the title "athlete"? Do you dream of adventures in challenging environments – or standing at the top of the prize podium? Whether you are a sailor, skier, golfer, photographer, creator, or outdoor enthusiast, we want to hear from you!

We would love to be a part of your True Experience, dedicated to supporting your adventures, competitive aspirations, and creative outdoor endeavors. We welcome professional individuals and athletes in sailing, skiing, golf, and the outdoors who share our passion for the sea, mountains, and golf course. Whether you're a member of an actively sailing or skiing team, a competitive individual, a sports event organizer, a resort partner, a digital creator, or something else, we encourage you to apply to become our next True Friend or True Team.

We are fortunate to receive numerous collaboration and sponsorship inquiries, , and while we wish we could accommodate every request, regrettably, it's not always possible. Nonetheless, we do our best, carefully review all requests we receive, and will get back to you if we believe it looks like a good match.

Please carefully read through this page on how to apply for sponsorship or collaboration requests. 

True Friends

Are you passionate about social media and eager to inspire others towards an active outdoor lifestyle? Perhaps you're an active athlete? We carefully select professional digital creators and athletes engaged in sailing, skiing, and golf to become our True Friends!

We are on the lookout for True Friends who produce authentic and compelling content. To make a perfect match, it's essential for you to have a passion for one of our main sports and maintain an active lifestyle. We evaluate factors such as niche, follower count, engagement, the age of your followers, content quality, and the uniqueness and genuineness of your content.

At Pelle P, we take pride in surrounding ourselves with engaged, dedicated, and high-performing True Friends. They've triumphed over challenging conditions, crossing seas and conquering peaks, exploring corners of the world that exist only in the imaginations of others. These True Friends rely on Pelle P's kit to take them from one achievement to the next.

Through these collaborations, we work to enhance our technical collections. It's crucial for us to understand how our clothing performs when put to the test in challenging environments, and our True Friends play a pivotal role in ensuring our collections meet and exceed expectations. 

True Teams

Are you part of an actively competing team? We collaborate with sailing teams in various competitions and classes around the world. The sea may pose challenges, but we ensure that our sailing apparel can handle the shifting and tough conditions. The teams we partner with extensively test and provide invaluable feedback on our collections, enabling us to craft the highest quality and most functional products. We call these collaborators our True Teams.


If you are planning an exciting and inspiring adventure, event, or business venture and believe that Pelle P could be the right partner for the purpose, please complete the sponsorship and specific project fields in your application. Be as detailed as possible with your idea to help us assess whether we are a suitable match.

Regardless of the purpose for contacting us, please ensure that you provide your email address correctly, as this is how you will hear from us if we are interested in collaborating with you.

We look forward to reading your application! 


Being a True Friend or a True Team member doesn't imply employment with us. Instead, it signifies a collaborative partnership on an individual basis. We assess and tailor each application and project individually, but here are some potential benefits depending on the project:

  • Discounted/free products for your collaboration/venture/team

  • A personal discount code to share with your followers
  • Product sponsorship for your project
  • Opportunity to provide feedback for product development
  • Exposure on our social channels and website.