Ocean Crusaders

We are happy to present our collaboration with Ocean Crusader, an organization set on making a difference for our waterways and to protect and preserve marine life. There are more than 5,25 billion bits of plastic in our oceans, it is a growing problem and threat to marine life. Ocean Crusaders prevents littering by educating and highlighting the problem, and also hands on cleaning the ocean and our coastlines.

We are very happy about this collaboration since the nature, especially the ocean, is a big part of our company’s identity. What makes it even better is that the initiative has come from the commitment to environmental issues which our employees have.

Pelle P will for the second time shut down our headquarters on Friday November 20th, when every employee spend the day cleaning up the coast nearby.

Ocean Week

Pelle P created “Ocean week” as an opportunity for us to give back to the ocean and will do so by donating our time and resources to clean the coast.

During “Ocean Week” we are going to donate 20% of our sales from our shops and online store in favor for Ocean Crusaders’ work.

Who are Ocean Crusaders?

Ocean Crusaders was founded by Ian Thomson over ten years ago when he set a world record of sailing solo around Australia to bring awareness of plastic pollution and its impact on the seas and everything living in it. Since then, we have grown and are now present in six countries and our educational programmes have been used in schools all over the world.

Our mission is to give back to the oceans and look after them so we can enjoy its beauties for many more generations to come. We do this in four ways:

We educate. Our school programme is available in five languages and we host lectures and school cleanups.
We advocate. Everywhere we work, we bring the attention of the public and community to the issue and to what they can do to help.
We engage.  Public clean up events are frequently arranged with a focus to engage the public. We love collaborations to engage businesses and local communities.
We get down and dirty. Professional hard core clean ups in hard to reach areas gets the heavy duty work done.

We are sailors, divers, skippers, skiers and wildlife lovers, passionate about doing all we can to save the environment, our playground. To be approached by such a respected brand as Pelle P to collaborate truly confirms that we are doing the right thing - and together we can do even more!



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