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P Putter

Pelle Petterson is an industry designer, and has during his career designed many things - the P-Putter is one of his most recent developments. Manufactured in Billdal, Sweden, the P-Putter has a unique, functional design and exceptional balance that will build your confidence in every putt. Since the putter is the most used golf club during a round of golf - approximately 50% of all shots - the importance of perfection in the design is high.

The P-Putter's head and neck are precision milled in a high-grade aluminium ally zicral. The bullet shape is balancing weights at the outer ends of the putter head, and the counter weight at the top of the grip are lathed in stainless steel. The combination of material and design increases stability and provides the ball impact with a special and reassuring sound.

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A very high MOI (moment of inertia) is achieved through the balance weights position, which further is enhanced through the design of the putter neck. The large offset neck helps to ensure that the hands and shaft lead the club head and ball through the stroke.

A ball scoop is designed behind the center of the club face, which is a semi-spherical recess of having a radius corresponding to a golf ball. The shape of the "ball scoop" and long sight line in the middle of the scoop makes it easier for the player to align the putter towards the target. The sight line also aids the putter movement, when the club head is swinged backwards and forwards in a vertical plane, the swing path coincides with the specific target.

The unique and functional design of the P-Putter, with its perfect balance, is intended to inspire confidence in the player, to provide greater precision and aid sitance control with a good feel.

The P-Putter has been used by golf players such as our True Friend Helen Alfredsson during the US Senior Women's open in 2019, where she also won the competition. Pelle Petterson himself is of course also a diligent user of his own product.