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Varukorgen är tom

Meet SSL Gold Cup and SSL Team Sweden – the world cup in national team sailing


SSL Gold Cup – a new format of high-performance international sailing, modelled on the Football World Cup, but in sailing. Nation against nation, with the legends of sailing competing for national pride in the RC44, this is the cup bringing together national teams from 5 continents, consisting of Olympic medalists and world champions.

32 seeded nations ranked 25-56 in the SSL Nations Ranking had to go through a Qualifying Series in Grandson, Switzerland, from May 19th to July 17th 2022. Organized in groups of 4 teams, only the top two teams advanced to the Final Series in Gran Canaria from November 10th to December 3rd 2023. The top 23 seeded nations were guaranteed to race directly into the Final Series alongside the Host nation team. The Final Series was also organized in groups of 4 teams, and only the top two teams advanced to the next round, starting from the 1/16 Finals. The teams competed across 4 fleets, each approximately 45 minutes.

Photografer: Gilles Morelle

The Swedish venture, which Pelle P has supported thorought the campaign, begun already in 2021. An introductory year for the cup where SSL Team Sweden brought home the gold medal in the test event prior to the Final Series, scheduled to take place two years later. A first place that qualified Sweden directly to the 1/8 finals of the major world cup.

SSL Team Sweden is made up of elite sailors with mixed backgrounds. With very short notice and time for preparations, it was important that the team met the competition's official weight requirements, and that all team members could contribute with their individual experiences from different types of sailing. A team of 10 sailors with solid experience from the Olympics, match racing, America's Cup, The Ocean Race, naval architecture, sail makers and young aspiring talents, straight from elite sailing high school, was gathered.

The team's philosophy was to fulfil the event united, continuously develop and become better sailors. Ambitions going forward are to build a team of 15-20 sailors, bringing together different backgrounds and merge their skills to build a strong team for future European Championships and SSL Gold Cup 2026. 

As Official Clothing Supplier, Pelle P has provided the SSL Team Sweden with performance-driven gear throughout the venture, perfectly suitable for this type of course racing on large keel boats. The tremendously flexible and comfortable Plannard zip, Pelle P’s water repellent 1200 Shorts with stretchy, durable Xyrplex™ reinforcements and pockets, Momentum Camber LS and Fast Dry Cap – all personal favorites of the team.

"They are perfect for racing, but also in more relaxed emvironments." says Mattias Rahm, helmsman of the team. "During the preparations in colder weather with more wind, we used the Defender gear. It provides both great flexibility, as well as protection against cold and wet weather.” 

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