down jackets

We use down with RDS, Responsible Down Standard. The main benefits of using down as filler are: 
Warmth - of all insulations, down will give you the greatest warmth for the least weight. 
Durability - When cared for properly, down will maintain its loft and insulation for a lifetime. 
Comfort - The many individual plumes of down allow it to mold to your body. 
Sustainability - Down is the by-product of a renewable resource, it is biodegradable and recyclable.

Down is amazing! It is THE filler material that has the highest warmth to weight ratio. Down is also extremely durable – if you take care of your down garment it will keep you warm for the rest of your life. Down is a byproduct of a renewable resource that is also very pliable and will shape itself after your body. We think it is important to take responsibility, that is why we only use RDS-certified down in our down jackets. 


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