Helen Alfredsson gives her best tips for extending the golf season

The summer may be over, but the golf season is not. Our True Friend Helen Alfredsson gives
her three best tips for extending the season. It sums up to practice, adjust and the right clothes.

#1 This is the perfect time to practice your swing. Go to the driving range, practice, touch up your putting technique. When the weather gets colder, you can easily spend an hour on the range before getting too cold.

#2 It will get colder and it will get darker earlier, so do not feel the pressure that you have to finish all 18 holes. If there is anything Corona has taught us it is that we can adjust, and why not apply that to other aspects of our lives? Go 9 holes one day and the rest the next time. The important thing is to get out on the course, so find a way that works for you.

#3 The right clothes are essential. They should protect against wind and water, keep you warm and give you free movement. 2-3 layers in cold weather is Helen’s go
to, but when it is really cold there might be need for a fourth layer. But make sure every garment has a good fit, because even the smallest deviation can affect your swing. See Helen’s favorite pieces below:

W Levo Quilted Zip Midlayer can be used as a midlayer as well as an outer layer. Helen’s

“Very good when it’s windy, because it protects well. It provides great mobility and keeps the warmth.”

W Rapid Jacket is fully wind- and waterproof while being breathable. The fit and stretch material provides easy movement. Helen’s comment:

”Keeps you dry during the whole round and gives good mobility. Nice that this style is a bit longer.” 

W Rapid Trousers are fully wind- and waterproof while being breathable.The fit and stretch material provides easy movement. Helen’s comment:

”Lightweight and thin while still keeping you
dry the whole round.”


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