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Varukorgen är tom

Ep. 1 The Soapbox Racer King

In the 40’s the soapbox racing was all the rage in Gothenburg and youngsters from all over town gathered to compete for honor and glory. This was a time of war and fuel was in short supply, thus leaving the streets empty for the competitors to race with their homemade engineless soapboxes.
The uncrowned king of soapbox racing was a young boy from the suburb of Örgryte by the name of Pelle…


“Gothenburg had great winters back then, with lots of snow. We used to tie our skis to the frame of our bikes and head up to the closest hill to practice. I went as often as I could.”
At an early age Pelle was seduced by snow, or shall we say the opportunities it provides. Before thoughts about the America’s Cup or Olympic Sailing had entered his mind, Pelle dreamed of becoming a ski jumper…